Friday, February 1, 2008

Project introduction

As a design student for my final thesis I am focusing on bicycle commuters as a niche group. Last semester I developed a convertible trolley/trailer for short range grocery shopping. This semester I have decided to continue on theme of urban cycling, but have changed my focus after being struck by an idea.

Last semester I decided to ditch my helmet one morning on a hurried ride to school. I was feeling self conscious about having messy helmet-hair for a presentation that day, and I am often self-conscious of looking like a bit of a bike dork with all my cycling gear on (although I fully am). To make matters worse I just pieced together a new bike a few days before and it wasn't exactly working 100%. While plowing along a flat section I dropped my chain on an up shift. I looked down for a split second and then suddenly my entire face went numb. I found my self standing upright over my top tube- I then took a step and peeled my face off the canopy of a pick-up truck. Anyways to make a long story short I really regret not wearing my helmet that day -- It could have saved me a bit of a headache and a black eye. For my project I am interested in tailoring a helmet specifically for commuters.

If you have stumbled across the blog and are interested in the project feel free to let me know would like to know how could your helmet be better? Post a link or send me a picture of the modifications you have made to improve your helmet.

Beyond incorporating lights, bluetooth, mirrors, headphones, what features do do dream your helmet had?

I would love to see photo's or sketches of peoples ideal cycling helmet. Thanks for you interest, within a few days I should have a blog of the project up and running.
This pic of Sheldon Brown illustrates one of my favorite helmet mods of all-time. It's like a fantastic hood ornament for his head -plus the story behind it is great too.

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