Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lacoste Helmet Concept

Lacoste Helmet Concept
Originally uploaded by KyleF

Originally the helmet was designed with urban female users in mind. After receiving ecstatic feedback from both genders, I believe that it can be successfully considered a unisex helmet.

For more information about the project and the process please check out my Flickr photo stream set here , or email me for portfolio samples I would like to hear from you either way.

The helmet was also cecently was featured on Channel M Vancouver, along with some other great student work from Emily Carr University check out the clip here .

Also take a look at the Safety Is Sexy Campagn for some older posts about this project


Brent said...

I like this idea.
More casual and functional.

Giro did the Fat Hats in the 90's but they flopped. IT would be nice to see something that is appealing to those who want to wear a helmet but are not too keen on looking like they are a tour de france wanna be.

Sione said...

This is a really cool looking helmet and a great idea! A more casual and stylish looking helmet is a great idea and making it more of a fashion accessory would probably make it less of a hassle to wear! Great concept!

cybèle said...

i love it! where can i buy one?

Kyle said...

Sorry sill just a concept. If anything new develops I'll be sure to post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing looking helmet. I Wish there were something that looked this good that had adequate ventilation for fast urban rides.