Friday, February 1, 2008

helmet sketch

luxury helmet on head
Originally uploaded by KyleF
Limited edition Chanel bicycle and a helmet to match? Fashion-concept helmet. Looking at premium materials such as leather, and metal-like finishes.


empleh_you_and_you said...

Will leather do okay under rain? Are there ways of treating it so it will be okay?

With a bicycle seat it might be more okay under rain, but with a helmet strength / constructionn would be more important, I would think...

Just throwin' thoughts out there, I'm not an ID person nor am I knowledgeable about helmets/ bikes / whatsoever.


Kyle said...

The Leather component wouldn't be structural --more of an aesthetic application. You're right though it could definitely pose some problems in the rain, it would have to be treated -- or alternately a "vegan" leather could be used.

Erika said...

dude, how you been?
don't know anything or haven't heard about your project at all but i'm just gonna throw some random stuff at you.

transparent material!!! whoooooooo!!!

or light! hang on...

^ i'm waiting on a reply from this person ^

for safety's sake, how much contact you need with helmet and head?? you know winston will always worry about his hair.

what kind of cool hats have you looked at?

hit me up when you see me online next

Kyle said...

the fiber optic clothing is insane, nice find. I think to stop your head from rotating inside a helmet during an impact it needs to fit reasonably snug -which could be a problem for "helmet-hair" I've done some research on the history of hats from about 2500 B.C. too present. I will post it soon -it needs some major formatting.